Care Catering for Older Vegetarians and Vegans Webinar Series (Single User)


Five 30-minute online seminars that you can watch and replay at your leisure. British Dietetic Association accredited.

Vegetarian for Life is excited to have launched a new accredited online training series.

It has been created by VfL’s team of expert chefs and nutritionists to help you attain excellence in vegan and vegetarian care catering.

The British Dietetic Association accredited training features five dedicated modules, sharing best practice, and guidance on catering for the veg*ns and meat-reducers in your care.

Topics covered include what vegans and vegetarians eat; plant-based nutrition and fortification; meal planning; and how to cook with meat and dairy substitutes. Each module includes easy-to-follow recipe videos with some fantastic, tasty recipes for you to introduce in your care home menu.

Your team will have access to complete the training at a time that suits them. All that they’ll need is a laptop and internet connection. We know that getting cover in the kitchen for your catering staff can be a challenge – and this online training solves that issue. The full course takes about 2.5 hours to complete, but doesn’t have to be completed in one go.

Once completed there will be a short test and a certificate will be gained on completion.

For bulk training options for your care establishment, please consider Vegetarian for Life's Premium Accredited Membership package.