Dietary Diversity in the Care Sector (40 page guide)


A guide to catering for people with allergies, intolerances, and religious, philosophical and cultural dietary beliefs

This colourful 40-page guide is designed to make it easier to cater for any service users who require a 'free-from' or 'special' diet. It will introduce the various reasons people may need, or want, to exclude certain foods from their diet. At the back of the guide is a collection of recipes suitable for a variety of these dietary requirements.

Comprehensive coverage of:

  • the major allergens
  • religious, philosophical and cultural dietary requirements
  • how veganism is protected by the law
  • top 10 gluten-free products
  • top 10 vegan products
  • best practice in ethical dilemmas – including when a vegetarian service user asks for meat
  • fortification agents for special diets
  • gluten- and soya-free meat alternatives.

With allergen-labelling throughout.