Premium Accredited Membership Fees


  • For 1 to 16 sites, the annual fee is £165
  • For 17 or more sites, the annual fee is £10 per site (when choosing this option, enter the total number of sites on the ‘cart’ screen)

Vegetarian for Life’s Premium Membership offers extra benefits for your establishment:

  • Unlimited access to Vegetarian for Life’s Care catering for older vegetarians and vegans webinar training series for your entire organisation. Certificated and British Dietetic Association accredited. RRP £25 per person
  • Independent accreditation of your menus and dishes
  • 150 word description of each site on VfL website
  • Search engine optimisation allowing each site to appear at the top of area listing on VfL website
  • Free listing of menus online
  • Promotion where applicable at events and on VfL blog and social media

Prices are a one-off fee and are based on number of sites (as listed above).

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